Subject – Demo Table


Most pitch events where startups pitch to judges & investors to get constructive feedback of their business and possible investment interests from the judges who are often angel investors or VCs. Quite often the pitch event is preceded with the entrepreneurs explaining or demonstrating their product or services at their “Demo Table”. Attendees and the judges usually visit the demo tables to learn about the products or services prior to the pitch sessions.


Most first-time Founders stand in front of their laptop computer with no collateral marketing material about the company or the product. They verbally explain and/or demonstrate their product to the attendees and investors. This method is practiced by more than 90% of the entrepreneurs and is not efficient nor effective.


Some simple and relatively inexpensive market material could be used at the demo table to be much more effective to attract the interest of the attendees especially the investors.
Poster can be created with minimal time and cost to be placed next to the laptop computer on the demo table.
Data sheet with the description of the product or services printed and available for hand outs is very helpful marketing material.


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