Startup-Mentors was founded by Thomas Hong to help startups grow successfully by offering advice and assistance from mentors based in Silicon Valley who are serial entrepreneurs with substantial startup experience; some are active judges at investor pitch events.
As CEO and Founder of Board of CEOs, Thomas has advised several hundred CEOs of startups and early-stage companies during the past 15 years on how to successfully navigate key business issues, including corporate re-structuring, equity allocation, sales & marketing strategies, funding projects, partnerships, and M&A. He currently serves as a judge for investment pitches with US Angels – a leading platform for connecting global entrepreneurs to investors. He has directly raised funding from Angels, Venture Capitalists, and Corporate Investors and Partners, and advised startups on how to successfully do the same. As a serial entrepreneur, Thomas was the CEO and Founder of four hi-tech computer peripheral and networking product companies: Davong, Tiara, Aquila, and Acculan. He achieved the extraordinary accomplishment of managing a startup from conception to $6.5 million of revenue in year 1 and $22 million in revenue with $1 million in profit in year 2 with modest investment funds. This hyper-growth rate is extremely rare, and usually with startups that had acquired huge investment funds. Thomas started his career by designing computers at IBM, advanced to Engineering Manager at Apple & Memorex, and then Director of Engineering at National Semiconductors & Intersil. Thomas has a BSEE & MSEE in computer design from the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Santa Clara.
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Thomas is an excellent coach and a great “networker” on the top of the pyramid, the CEO level. I joined his CEO group where CEOs share challenges they can’t discuss in other forums. The outside view and suggestions from Thomas are priceless. Even with my 15 years CEO experience – every meeting with Thomas is of great value.

Axel Schultze

CEO S3 BlueCalllum. The Deep Innovation Design Company | Chair World Innovations Forum Foundation
I recommend Thomas highly. His business formation guidance, computer operations know how and marketing strategy contributions have proven to be very helpful to SMP Technology and to the members of the TAB Technical Alliance. Thomas is a practical, highly principled, and hard working problem solver.

Tom Roberts

CEO at SMP Tech, Inc., Thomas worked with client Tom Roberts
Thomas has given me some helpful advice on our direct sales and reseller sales strategies that I successfully applied immediately to operations here at VeriPic. His suggestions are both practical and based on real experience.

John Kwan

CEO at VeriPic / Coach to CEOs, John was a client of Thomas’
Thomas brings to the table great insights to solve tough CEO level problems . He provides very practical suggestions drawing from his many years of CEO experience. As a CEO participant I get a lot from his advice.

Christian Baudry

CEO of Pacific Whistle