The mission of Startup-Mentors is to help startups succeed by utilizing the expertise and advice from our Silicon Valley based mentors

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Mentors’ Advice For Paid Members

Paid Members will receive valuable advice from entrepreneurial mentors on key areas that are integral to the success of startups. Below is a small sample of the numerous “How to” subjects provided to the paid members:

Form a strong executive team with the critical qualifications for funding and growth.

Develop an Equity Allocation Plan that allows for future growth and the attraction of senior, talented employees.

Generate financial projections of revenues & profits that are realistic by utilizing the “investor preferred bottoms up” method.

Generate accomplishments which give you “traction” for credibility and investors’ interest.

Determine how much money to raise, at what point in time, and from which types of investors.

Develop an effective pitch deck with all the right information that will attract investors’ interest.

Learn little-known “Alternate Funding” methods.

Develop Go-To-Market strategies.

Develop and execute the right sales strategies, channels, and incentives.

Free Samples Of Common Startup Problems – Solutions

To see some examples of our Mentors’ views on Startup Issues and Solutions click on the subject links below:

Let our mentors guide you on your startup journey to success!